ghosts verticalGhost . Spring 2013

Ghosts are the memories and thoughts we keep with us, everything we’re holding on to, and the false memories that become real. They’re floating along beside us all the time like an aura, like a burden, like a comfort. All the people and things and thoughts we can’t shake, continuing to affect and influence us. It’s obsession and compulsion in general and not being able to let go. Guilt, fear, longing, nostalgia, and sentiment concentrated into some semi-solid figment of our imagination.

The silhouettes will be flowy and feminine with soft sheer layers and delicate details juxtaposed against harsh tailored lines in shades of soft greys and pale blues. Structured leather over hand-dyed cottons ans silks with shoulder and back details wrapping around the body, totally consuming you.

Several artists are working together to bring their own insight and perspectives to this very personal and self-exposing project. Photographers, painters, sculptors, and musicians will all contribute and share their own ghosts and skeletons.